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We understand that paying school tuition fees is not easy in addition to everyday expenses.  As a school, we offer flexible payment options such as layaway and pay as you train to help ease the financial burden on our students. These are designed to help you get closer to a better, higher paying career as a professional truck or bus driver. However we understand that this is not enough for everyone to be able to pay for schooling, so all the options available are described below.

  • Paybright - With as low as 0% A.P.R. Interest for well qualified customers. If you do not qualify for 0% Interest, Paybright charges 9.99% to 21.99%. This allows you to finance your new career and take up to 36 months to pay. If you would like to see if you are eligible for 0% APR financing, Click Herelink-external (cache)

  • Layaway - This allows you to register for your course and make tuition payments as you are able to, with no specific requirements. Once you reach your target tuition paid amount, you can start the course and pay the rest as you train.  The advantage to this system is it allows you to lock in tuition fees for up to 1 year, protecting you from possible price increases due to inflation.

  • Pay-as-you-train - This is for students who do not have the full cost of training up-front, but are able to pay it over the 1-4 month duration of our full time and part time courses. Upon registration a payment schedule is set out so that students know when they are required to make payments and what the payment amounts are, NO INTEREST is charged.

  • Second Career - The Second Career program is run by the Ontario Government. It provides funding for students who have been laid off or are unemployed. To see if you are eligible for the Second Career program, Second Career website - Click Herelink-external

  • Student Loans - Student loans are available from all major banks and credit unions. Contact your local bank branch to find out what kind of options they have available for you.

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