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How to become a bus driver

B or C Class Bus Driver Training


What you will NEED:

- G class license or higher. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Transportation's Highway Traffic Act. Holders of class G1 or G2 drivers licenses cannot upgrade to any commercial drivers license until they obtain their full G class license.

- No DUI (Driving Under the Influence) convictions in last 10 years. If you have received a pardon for your conviction, you are eligible to obtain a B or C License. Technically, even people with convictions can obtain C their license, but it will be very difficult for them to find work in the industry as drinking and driving is a very serious offense and taboo in the transport industry. B Class (School Bus) Applicants must have clean criminal records

- Over 18 years old (Over 21 years old for class B.)

- Be able to pass a M.T.O. (Ministry of Transport) Medical Test. This is a basic test to ensure you are healthy enough to become a commercial vehicle driver. This test can be conducted by any doctor practicing in the province of Ontario. Because it is not covered under O.H.I.P., most doctors charge fees for these exams. A typical cost is $60-$80 for this examination.

Note: Physicians and Optometrists are required by law to report any conditions that may impair your driving ability physically or mentally so be aware that you may need to consult a specialist to obtain permission to obtain your drivers license.

You can download the form required to be filled out by the doctor below;


Reasonably Priced M.T.O Medical Facilities - MTO Medical Facilities


Medical conditions that the M.T.O. qualifies as impairing your driving includes but is not limited to those listed below:

High Risk Conditions:
Advanced dementia or Alzheimer's diseaseUncontrolled seizures or diabetes
Substance abuse, psychiatric disorders with symptoms of suicidal thoughts, extreme agitation, impulsive or violent behavior etc.Uncontrolled sleep apnea refusing treatmentVision poorer than 20/30 examined with both eyes open
Low Risk Conditions:
Controlled sleep apneaSeizure occurring one year ago or more
Controlled diabetesHeart disease
Reactive depressionCast/splints
Stable psychiatric disordersField of vision less than 150 degrees horizontally or 20 degrees vertically

Note: There is a Medical Waiver Program run by the MTO, so some people with the above conditions may still be able to get their licenses.

If you have any further questions regarding medical conditions, or if you have been sent for medical review, you can contact the M.T.O.'s Medical Review Board, at (416) 235-1773 or toll-free at 1-800-268-1481.


Our B and C driver training and courses range in tuition fees from as little as $900 for our basic upgrade program to as much as $2133. Courses are tiered depending on the applicants requirements / wishes. Choosing a course depends on; ability to drive manual transmissions, mechanical aptitude, previous experience with heavy equipment, and of course learning curve. Contact our school today and schedule a FREE assessment to see which course would be recommended for you.


- Having a clean drivers abstract or driving record. As a new recruit, this is your best proof of how good/safe a driver you are. One or two minor tickets aren't huge problems, but the cleaner your driving record the easier it will be for you to be employed/the better company you can get in to.

- Having a clean criminal record.

- Having previous experience with large vehicles. Ever worked on a construction site driving heavy equipment? Ever worked as a mechanic or apprentice in a shop?


Procedure (listed in order to be completed)

1. Pass M.T.O. Medical Exam - (Form can be obtained from most M.T.O. locations, some doctors and our office free of charge)

2. Complete In Class Training - This prepares you for your written test, gives you the building blocks for your in vehicle training and covers all that you will need to know to do your job properly and within the law every day you're on the road.

Topics Covered in Class:
Pre-Trip InspectionsEn-Route InspectionsPost-Trip Inspections
Space ManagementSpeed ManagementBacking and Turning Maneuvers
Hours of Service Regulations (U.S and Canada)Emergency Passenger Procedures
Air Brake Endorsement (M.T.O Signing Authority)Drug & Alcohol AwarenessDefensive Driving Techniques
Border Crossing ProceduresThe Law and YouAccident PreventionAccident Reporting
Written Test Preparation

3. Pass M.T.O. Written Test - This test covers everything you have learned in class. It is 40 questions, 20 B or C class, and 20 Road signs & General Traffic Law Rules questions. It can be done at any DriveTest location in Ontario.

4. Complete in vehicle driver training - This is the most important part of your course as its where you area learning the trade hands on. Only 1 on 1 training meaning just you and your instructor in the vehicle, no one watching you over your shoulder slowing your progress. We offer a safe and private 1.5 acre training yard to give you a safe/comfortable place to start, and move on to public roads when you are ready. Parking for all students is FREE.

5. Pass M.T.O. Road Test - The road test consists of a Pre-Trip Inspection, a 90° Backing Maneuver, and On-Road driving.

6. Job Placement - This is your entry into the trade as a professional bus driver. As with all parts of the training, we will assist you with choosing the right company for you.

If you have any more questions please contact us here or call (905) 281-0764