Office is OPEN - Make an Appointment. Students and future visitors please review the COVID-19 Information Center page for health and safety requirements.link


Personal Protective Equipment COVID-19

In the interest of public safety, we ask that you review the below information.link


Personal Protective Equipment
- Face Mask is being recommended to be worn by students and visitors. For details on face coverings, please see Public Health Canada Mask Guidance.

-Acceptable Masks: (listed in order of effectiveness)

1. N99 Respirator
2. N95 Respirator
3. Surgical Mask

4. Neoprene, cloth or synthetic material mask or other face covering.


We ask that all staff, students and visitors maintain a minimum of 2 meters buffer zone between individuals.  Desks and the office areas will be marked to show the required buffer distance.*All students, staff and visitors should expect to be temperature checked upon arrival at the school, anyone with 37.3 Celsius or higher fever will be asked to not enter, self isolate and be provided the telephone number for TeleHealth Ontario and the address for the Ontario COVID-19 Website.link


  • Students are able to obtain their own Personal Protective Equipment or purchase it at the school as necessary.


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Public Health Canada Mask Guidancelink-external (cache)link